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Foodservice Sanitation

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Added by compliance4all, 03 Jun 2014

Taking place 03 Jun 2014 (Single Day Event)


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Event Organizer Compliance4all
Contact Name Adam Fleaming
Contact Number +1-800-447-9407
Contact Email Support@compliance4all.com
Event Category Live Webinar
Event State/City Fremont
Event Country United States
Cost of Attendance $129.00
Event/Registration URL http://bit.ly/1k7uzPw

Event Description


Foodservice sanitation is the maintenance of clean conditions in food production, preparation, and serving areas as well as the practice of proper personal cleanliness and hygienic practices. As the foodservice industry has grown, methods of food production, processing, distribution, and preparation have changed. Major changes have included increased prepackaged food as partially or fully prepared bulk or pre-portioned servings and centralized food production.

As food production, handling, and preparation techniques and eating habits change, food remains a viable source for microorganisms that cause illness. The foodservice surroundings and food handlers can act as vectors of disease and contamination. As handling and modern processing methods increase the journey from production to consumption, the contamination of microorganisms that cause foodborne illness is increased. Effective food sanitation practices are essential to protect consumers from unsanitary food that can cause foodborne illness and economic losses to the foodservice industry. This material will be discussed during the webinar.

Why should you Attend:

Foodservice personnel should attend this event because more knowledge of sanitation is essential to ensure a safe food supply for consumers. Educational information about how sanitary conditions for foodservice establishments can be improved will enhance their reputation, protect against foodborne illness, and increase sales and net profits. Morale of foodservice employees through recognition of the importance of additional training can be accomplished, which will improve employee performance and customer satisfaction. Areas

Covered in the Session:
  • Sanitary facility design
  • Sanitary waste disposal
  • Contamination reduction
  • Sanitary procedures for food preparation
  • Sanitation principles
  • Foodservice sanitation requirements
Who Will Benefit:
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Food Safety Professionals
  • Food Packaging & Labeling
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Food Distributors
Speaker Profile:

Dr. Norman, Food Scientist Professor Emeritus and food Industry Consultant has 38 years’ of experience in the food industry. He is teaching university courses related to sanitation and food science, especially meat science.

Call our representative on 1800 447 9407 to have your seats confirmed.

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