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Kombucha brewery
Added 23 January 2018 - 06:14 PM
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, Asheville
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NC, United States
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About Buchi

Buchi quenches the thirst of a growing populace who seek nutrient-dense foods and companies which reflect their values. We craft extraordinary kombucha to cultivate a culture -- both the billions of beneficial bacteria in our bottles as well as a thriving human culture that celebrates fermented foods. By engaging in transparent, triple-bottom line commerce and serving as thought leaders in our community, we are catalyzing a larger dialogue around our food system and living in a more symbiotic way with each other and our planet.


After 7 years of hard work, personal growth and with a lot of grassroots support, we've become one of the largest kombucha breweries in the country with 700 retailers in 24 states including over 100 Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Ingles, Harris Teeter and hundreds of independents like co-ops, restaurants, cafes, bars, music venues, galleries, college campuses -- even a yoga studio and a bike shop! We also have a growing presence at craft beer, music and transformational festivals across the east coast and now in the Rocky Mountains.


To learn more about us, check out: www.drinkbuchi.com or www.openforum.com/buchi-journey

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