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Magnetic Products, Inc.

by EllenK
Magnetic Products Inc. (MPI), based in southeastern Michigan, is a worldwide provider of both magnetic and non-magnetic material handling solutions including Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors...

Shatter Safe Security Window Films

by shattersafe
Glass breakage and shattering in food manufacturing or processing facilities can pose significant risk to not only consumers, but to you bottom line as well. Shatter Safe Security Window Films have...

The Austin Company

by jmac
Since the early 1900’s, The Austin Company has been recognized as an innovative leader in designing, engineering and constructing manufacturing, research and product development, and distribution f...

Detectamet - Food Safe Detectable Products

by detectamet
Detectamet is a youthful and innovative company established in 2003. With enthusiasm and foresight in abundance we are able to offer our customers what we believe to be the largest range of detecta...

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