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Precision Pest Management Solutions Ltd

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    By Ptinid

    Submitted Feb 22 2011 01:22 PM

Precision Pest Management Solutions Ltd. was formed in 1996 by two senior technical managers who previously worked for the largest supplier of pest control services to the UK food industry. It became clear that there was a need in the market place for a company that could provide specialist pest management solutions at a fair price. The staff members of Precision have many years combined experience in the pest control industry. We have a lot of expertise in solving difficult pest problems, advising clients on good hygiene practices and all aspects of environment management with regard to pest control.

We believe that the essence of good pest control is in the management of the environmental conditions that prevail in the workplace, be this a production line or a warehouse. This makes our service ideally suited for these sensitive sites, whether it is because of specifiers’ codes, because of environmental considerations, or because of the interface with your clients and the public.

We continue to bring new developments on-stream as fast as possible. Our Thermokil system of insect eradication using heat is now well tried and tested. By using a thorough understanding of the pests and a sound knowledge of the techniques for controlling them, our aim is to achieve maximum control with the minimum use of pesticides. We believe the most important aspect of any pest control service is intelligence gathering.

We have developed good observational techniques for locating pests as well as identifying the conditions that could contribute to future infestations; these combined with computer based analytical techniques produce a unique system that is a true fusion of Science and Service. The resolution of pest problems then becomes a co-operative partnership between specialist and client.
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