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    By Ken

    Submitted Apr 16 2011 09:54 PM

30 years experience specialising in food safety technical support and training in the food industry including food manufacturing and bottled water sectors and for the last 6 years, remote site onshore & offshore catering in the oil & gas industry. Current OPITO approved FOET and Additional Basic Safety Training for the Norwegian Sector, current UKOOA Offshore Medical Certificate and Vantage Card. (See www.oilandgasfoodsafety.co.uk)

I have worked as a independent food safety contractor / consultant and trainer since 1992.

Specific food manufacturing expertise in the frozen and chilled sectors covering a wide range of food groups including primary fish processing, vegetable, meat and fish based ready meals, raw meat and poultry products and primary vegetable processing.

Experience of other food processing industries including bottled water, soft drinks, food ingredients, bottled / canned products, crisps and extruded snacks, sugar and chocolate confectionery and animal feeding stuffs. Also experience in the food wholesaling, food service and the retail sectors.

Completed projects have included:

● BRC Global Food / ISO 22000 consultancy and technical support to help a number of food companies achieve or maintain certification to the standards.

● Review, development and implementation of food safety standards and audit systems for monitoring of catering operations.

● Certificated food safety training and practical food safety audit training of HSE staff to monitor catering operations in the oil and gas industry.

● HACCP food safety training and implementation including catering operations, bottled water, soft drinks, chilled and frozen ready meals, white fish and prawn processing, vegetable processing, bakery products, animal feeds, chocolate and sugar confectionery, food ingredients and transport & distribution.

● Development and tutoring an IRCA registered ISO 22000 5 day Lead Auditor Training program for for an ISO training company.

● Food safety audits of food manufacturers. The product range of audited companies includes primary processing of fish, meat, and vegetables, fish products, vegetables products, bakery, dairy, poultry, raw meat products, meat based recipe dishes, ready meals, ice cream, chocolate confectionery, beer, spirits, bottled water and non food.

● Design of food manufacturing and catering facilities.

● Meeting the requirements of EU and UK food safety legislation.

● Commercial / technical due diligence for investment banks.

● Investigation of food processing, food safety and quality problems.

● Troubleshooting exercises where companies are experiencing microbiological problems of unknown origin.

Projects have been completed for clients based throughout the UK and also in the USA, Canada, Poland, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Belgium and Germany. Our work has taken us to a number of countries including Ghana, India, Egypt, Pakistan, UAE, Lithuania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Angola, Singapore, France, Spain and Italy.

Currently working on projects in the Middle East & North Africa.

Highly recommended by one of our clients in Ghana. Thank you Ken.
Thank you Tony - it was a pleasure working there
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