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UK manufacturer of food grade lubrication systems offering solutions to the highest NSF H1 and 3H standards including ISO 21469 registration. Our ISO 21469 certification means that we can supply the food and clean industries with full confidence and you can always be sure of first class technical support from our in-house team of chemists and engineers. To help you get the best performance from your industrial lubricants we offer a free advice and support service alongside our premium care packages.

ROCOL was the first UK manufacturer of food safe ISO 21469 certified lubricants. This provides credible, independent assurance that all ROCOL food safe products are formulated, manufactured and supplied hygienically and safely. That means any food and drink manufacturer using ROCOL FOODLUBE® lubricants have a vital first step towards food safe audit compliance. We have a range of H1 and 3H registered products providing solutions for applications such as chains and bearings which create incidental food contact risks as well as use on machinery parts that come into direct food contact such as blades, guides, seals, etc.

Find out more at: www.rocol.com