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BRC Templates

BRC Templates

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BRC Food Safety Templates

Ensure your Food Safety Quality Management System meets BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 6 with our easy to use IFSQN BRC Food Safety and Quality Management System Document Templates.

What documents come with this package?

A comprehensive set of top level documents that cover the requirements of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 6 and form the basis of your food safety quality management system. The procedure templates are divided into 7 sections matching the clauses of the BRC standard for ease of implementation:

Section 1

QM 1.1 Senior Management Commitment
QM 1.1.1 Food Safety and Quality Policy
QM 1.1.2 Food Safety and Quality Objectives
QM 1.1.3 Senior Management Review
QM 1.1.4 Management Review
QM 1.1.5 Human and Financial Resources
QM 1.1.6 Communication
QM 1.2 Responsibility and Authority
QM 1.3 Customer Focus

Section 2

QM 2.1 HACCP Team
QM 2.2 HACCP Prerequisites
QM 2.3 HACCP Scope and Product Information
QM 2.4 HACCP Intended Use
QM 2.5 HACCP Flowcharts
QM 2.6 HACCP Flowchart Verification
QM 2.7.1 Hazard Identification
QM 2.7.2 Hazard Assessment
QM 2.7.3 Identification and Assessment of Control Measures
QM 2.8 Identification of Critical Control Points (CCPs)
QM 2.9 Establishing Critical Limits for each CCP
QM 2.10 Establishing a Monitoring System for each CCP
QM 2.11 Establishing a Corrective Action Plan
QM 2.12 Establishing Verification Procedures
QM 2.13 Establishing HACCP Documents and Records
QM 2.14 Review of the HACCP Plan

Section 3

QM 3.1 Food Safety and Quality Management System
QM 3.2 Document Control
QM 3.3 Control of Records
QM 3.4 Internal Audit
QM 3.5 Supplier and Raw Material Approval
QM 3.6 Specifications
QM 3.7 Corrective Action and Preventative Action
QM 3.8 Control of Non-conforming Product
QM 3.9 Identification and Traceability
QM 3.10 Management of Customer Complaints
QM 3.11.1 Management of Incidents
QM 3.11.2 Product Recall Procedure

Section 4

QM 4 Site Standards
QM 4.1 External Standards
QM 4.2 Site Security
QM 4.2.1 Control of Visitors and Contractors
QM 4.3 Layout, Product Flow and Segregation
QM 4.4 Building Fabric
QM 4.5 Utilities - Water and Air
QM 4.6 Equipment
QM 4.7 Maintenance
QM 4.8 Staff Facilities
QM 4.9 Product Contamination Control
QM 4.9.1 Chemical Contamination Control
QM 4.9.2 Metal Contamination Control
QM 4.9.3 Control of Brittle Materials
QM 4.9.4 Control of Wood
QM 4.10 Foreign Body Detection and Removal
QM 4.11 Housekeeping and Hygiene
QM 4.12 Waste & Waste Disposal
QM 4.13 Pest Control
QM 4.14 Storage
QM 4.15 Dispatch and Transport

Section 5

QM 5.1 Product Design & Development
QM 5.2 Management of Allergens
QM 5.2.1 Nut Control Procedure
QM 5.2.2 Types of Allergens
QM 5.3 Identity Preserved Materials
QM 5.4 Product Packaging
QM 5.5.1 Product Inspection
QM 5.5.2 Laboratory Quality Manual
QM 5.6 Product Release

Section 6

QM 6.1 Control of Operations
QM 6.2 Weight Volume and Number Control
QM 6.3 Calibration

Section 7

QM 7.1 Training
QM 7.2 Personal Hygiene
QM 7.3 Medical Screening
QM 7.4 Protective Clothing

This package also includes a comprehensive range of 50 easy to use food safety management system record templates.

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The product image is for illustration purposes only. All documents are provided in Microsoft Office formats (word, excel, powerpoint) and are available for immediate download on confirmation of payment. Please note documents are not delivered in hard copy format. The purchase of the documentation is for a single site licence. Contact us for pricing on multi-site options.