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SQF Training Requirements 2.9.2

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Posted 24 June 2014 - 04:28 PM

Section 2.9.2 references minimum required elements for employee training lists:

Job/task performance.

Company food safety, quality policies, procedures.

Good Manufacturing Practices, including regulatory requirements.

Cleaning and sanittaion procedures.

HACCP overview and specific roles.

Biosecurity and food defense.

Product quality, grading.

Chemical control.

Hazard communication.

Foodborne pathogens.

Allergen management.

Emergency preparedness.

Section 2.9.3 also discusses proividing training in tasks critical to regulatory compliance.

As a USDA/FDA dual jurisdiction food plant we are subject to the regulations as outlined in 21CFR and 9CFR, just how in depth should we be in training of general label in regulatory requirements?



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Posted 24 June 2014 - 05:21 PM

They should have an idea of what the label should look like... what I did at our SQF plant was have a copy of the label for the start of the run on the floor so the operators could check it real fast to make sure important things were right. 


This way the training can be less as you have an operator aid on the floor.


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 08:15 PM

We did training on labels - especially since we are a Kosher and Halal certified plant and use a lot of allergens.  When we do training, we used actual examples of each type of label and what to look for (Rabbi signature for certain Kosher products, Halal and/or Kosher symbols, allergen listings, etc).


Another thing we do is put a copy of the label on each batch ticket - not only does the mixer have to verify the label has everything,but QC and then when the batch is closed, it's verified a 3rd time.


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 09:02 PM

On Labels I have always people who specifically inspected all labels before they were stocked.  These people go line by line. 


On the production line, I don't want reviewing the label line by line.....I do require that they are clear that they are not labeling with carrots with a celery label or a roast beef sandwich with a tuna label.  Production needs to be sure they are putting the right label on the product and QA needs to verify. 


In training everyone who might have something to be with the label needs to be clear why this is so important.  I have graphic pictures of anaphylactic reactions in the training. 

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