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Shipping Standards

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Posted 20 January 2015 - 08:56 PM

I work for a small company that still uses FedEx/UPS to ship small quantities of product to local businesses.  Is this 100% bad practice?  My concern is obviously with vehicle inspections because we cannot determine what else might be in the trucks.


Furthermore, we do local deliveries of a frozen product using coolers (like, picnic coolers--supposedly rated to keep ice frozen for up to 5 days  :blink:).  Is there a risk analysis way out of this (the temperature of the product is checked at the point of delivery and is still well below 0 degrees) or is this another "never"?


We are only working towards AIB right now but I would hope that the company would start working to GFSI standard after that so I would like to put practices into place now that will satisfy BRC/SQF/etc., if at all possible.  Thanks again for answering my newbie questions!  

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Posted 21 January 2015 - 06:34 AM

Dear AJ,


No personal experience with AIB unfortunately but the typical initial approach to yr query for most FS standards is to (a) get a copy of the relevant standard, (b) do a Gap Analysis (GA) for yr particular operation.


If you lack the in-house technical capability to carry out a GA yourself it is likely you are going to need some professional help, eg training session(s) or a consultant.


AFAIK, most AIB, FS, programs are based on a HACCP plan / associated hazard analysis. Do you have tech. personnnel familiar with this methodology ? (apologies if the answers to above are already evident from other threads and I missed it).


Which particular AIB standard are you implementing (from memory all options are freely downloadable on their website) ?


Based on other threads on this forum, I think AIB is more focussed on operational FS than MS but I may be wrong. The system you describe seems rather ad hoc but that is not neccesarily unacceptable, possibly also depending on the product / packaging /  "small" quantities. The risk assessment will depend on your scope but will likely relate to potential hazards/control in the product storage / distribution chain. A typical haccp plan for such a flowchart exists on this forum, eg -




There are a few AIB users, past/present on this forum so maybe some direct advice will be forthcoming.


Rgds / Charles.C


PS - ADDED -  It appears that much of the above  queries  was already answered  in yr earlier, related thread(s), eg  - 





Kind Regards,



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