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Pouch Machine newly acquired

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Plastic Ducky

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Posted 02 April 2015 - 06:46 PM

Hello IFSQN patrons,


I have a question in regard to a pouch machine recently acquired by my company. Previously we have only made plastic films for food packaging and other items as well. I am eager to get a jump on producing HACCP plans and Quality Control Point Plans for the new pouch machine to distribute to machine operators currently being trained. We have also acquired a vacuum chamber to detect "leakers". There is a debate going on as to whether "leakers" will show up on the HACCP plan, or as a Quality Control Point. My stance has been that since we do place any food items in the pouches at our facility, "leakers" should be identified as a Quality Control Point Issue. My argument is that the HACCP plan for the pouch machine will be very similar to the HACCP plan existing for the plastic films, simplified as a couple CCPs for allergen control, and performing Gas Chromatography on film samples to ensure solvents used in printing are at acceptable levels. Maybe I'm wrong but I just don't see "leakers" as being on the HACCP plan, but rather the Quality. I would greatly appreciate input from anybody with similar or contrasting opinion on this evaluation. 



Thank you for your time,



Plastic Ducky


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Posted 01 June 2015 - 01:12 PM

Plastic Ducky,

The new pouch machine would be part of the HACCP plan (flow chart, risk assessment) but the leak tester unless in line with the process flow would not be part of the plan and would be a QCP ( quality check point) and be part of your quality testing plan.



I hope this helps.



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