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How do you manage your glass and brittle plastic inventory?

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Posted 22 June 2016 - 09:00 AM

Hello all,


I am busy updating our glass audit form but this list is going to be huge, even so huge that it will never be complete. Even in our storage area's there are over 500 small glass or plastic parts, like:

- switches on machines

- radio

- automatic door sensors

- fire alarm horn

- mail boxes from employees

- buttons on machines


400 of the 500 parts, even if they would ever break, which is highly unlikely, will never come in contact with the product.


How do you manage these sort of inventories, do you leave stuff off the list?


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Posted 22 June 2016 - 09:22 AM

Currently doing the same myself. What i have done is risk assessed everything. So basically what you have stated is low risk breakages. I would put these into a monthly or 6 monthly list based on your risk assessment findings while having higher risk items put into weekly weeks which can we completed thoughout the week instead of doing them all in one day if you are in a large processing factory. The way i have set ours up (or trying to) is that the low risk items are all checked within a month, meaning every day or through the week I check a few things of meaning by the end of the month they have all been checked and recorded using a key system. I =intact C= crack M=Missing. This means that if an auditor arrived and coming is cracked or missing and recorded as such on your glass audit check list you can put in your corrective action that it is checked everyday until replaced. As long as its recorded it should keep you out of the woods!


hope this helps :)

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