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Designing Food Safety for Automated Warehouse

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Posted 20 November 2017 - 07:38 PM

Good Afternoon,

I was wondering if anyone might be able to direct me to information or share insight on best practices for designing an automated warehouse, specifically guidances for the WMS that would be directing flow of food traffic on a common conveyance system (cases would be conveyed on trays, but the trays have holes so the machine can direct them where to go...). When I say common conveyances the warehouse would store the full range of raw to RTE SKUs


-how are conveyances and systems cleaned (if spills)?

-are Raw and RTE be transited on the same trays (if yes, does a cleaning step happen in between)

-any experience with in-line tray-washing systems vs manual washing of trays? 

-what kind of product segregation is typical for storage slots (pallet-ready or case-ready slots) i.e.: I would expect poultry to be on the bottom (same guidance as given to retailers)

-I think the WMS should be programmed to ensure conveyances never transit RAW poultry, meat or fish over  RTE items or produce. Agree?

-Any reco for optimal storage temps based on experience for Meat/Poultry/Dairy i.e.: .5-2C vs just <4C etc..also for humidity? 

-What would be the ideal dust control/air filtration?

-Cleaning frequency for the racks/deep reserve slots? 

-and so on


Any thoughts or info is appreciated; hoping to get a sense of best practices while brainstorming considerations to inform a food safe design. Seems there may not be a lot of automated facilities with both raw meats and produce out there...




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Bhupendra Sharma

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Posted 14 December 2017 - 11:19 AM

1. Three step tray washer is available in market in which hot water, caustic and normal water is used. you can use the tray washer.

2. Better if you can segregate the tray for both RTE & raw material. Or you have cleaned the tray for if using for RTE after Raw Material Handling.

3. Yes inline washing is always better. 

4. See if Raw chicken, RTE are stored together in the same chamber, then chicken will be placed below the RTE?

5. Yes agree but business sometime not only for standard. it depends how good your organization is.

6. I can send you the record format for the same..please wait same i have to create

7.Air handling unit is the next option, also all the entrance shall be provided with air curtain and strip curtain. 

8. Weekly Basis at least as we are doing the same. 

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