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BRC-raw material acceptance procedure

additives acceptance

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Posted 15 March 2018 - 05:51 PM

hello ,i hope everyone is doing well,

As part of the BRC project I have to develop a procedure for acceptance of raw material  that must be based on a risk analysis of margarine ingredients (additives, dyes, antioxidants and others).

The problem is that I can't find the microbiological or chemical criteria or any of the criteria that souldnt  be exceeded for each additive, so that i can elaborate the requirements for the acceptance of these ingredients in the reception,


we receive an analysis bulletin but who will assure us that only these analyzes are sufficient to limit the risk?

-corn starch ,
E322 soy lecithin,
emulsifiers E471 and E476,
sorbic acid E200,
E202 potassuimsorbate,
citric acid E330,
-alpha tocopherol,
-E106a dye,
- aromas,
vitamin A / D3,
antioxidant tocobiol,
-powdered milk




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Posted 15 March 2018 - 08:16 PM

Have you performed a risk analysis for each ingredient?  You need that to proceed


I imagine there are federal rules on the maximum allowable content of some of those ingredients. Check with your government as well as any countries you export to.


What about your R&D department? They should have some parameters available.   What kind of transportation do they need, cold/warm, what about storage dark (some vitamins) dry/cooler etc, those will also help establish receiving procedures


You'll also want dates/lots of production, any allergen (I see at least 2) statements that need to be considered

Please stop referring to me as Sir/sirs

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Posted 15 March 2018 - 09:00 PM

thank for your response but in order to  establish the risk analysis how can i precede , from i read  the major risk incurred by an additive will be the extraction method, another risk is parrameters influencing the quality of the product is that enough , and correct ?


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Posted 16 March 2018 - 07:57 AM

Hi selma,


I assume you have a copy of  the BRC7 FS Standard.

I assume you are familiar with haccp.


Clauses in section 3.5.spell out the requirements for risk assessment. One approach to satisying the requirements of 2 main clauses is detailed here -




PS - Just as a comment, IMEX when purchasing ingredients the first requirement is to obtain a specification which should list the BCPA  characteristics of the item. I assume all the items listed in yr OP are Food Grade so that a detailed specification should be available from yr approved supplier. If you would like to see some examples of specifications can try these posts -



Kind Regards,



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