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Posted 12 September 2019 - 03:28 PM

Hi all, 

I created a form for this when it came out as a new requirement but I have issues. 

Right now, we have a form that is used that doesn't feel like part of the process, it is more a formality for meeting the code. I would like to make it useful so that when we make purchases, we are making good decisions. I assume that is what the intention is.

Is it necessary to use it for ALL purchases? Just big equipment? Where is the line drawn? 

For some reason, I added that we need to ATP swab all new equipment before approving it for commercial production. I know it's good practice but I don't know what I decided to do that. Does anyone know what needs to happen that could explain why I made that a requirement?

Any help or insight with this part of the code would be helpful. 

Thank you!



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Posted 12 September 2019 - 06:20 PM

PollyKBD - 


We have used the approved supplier format to meet this requirement, in that we created a register of all equipment, utensils, and protective clothing that has an impact on food safety. 


This includes:

~The location,


~quantities in the processing areas,

~the specific type of material/composition of the item,

~the supplier, 

~who is responsible for purchasing,

~date added to the register. 


We then keep any specification or web link filed for review if needed.  We then add this to our internal audit program and verify that no items are in the processing areas that are not on the list.  You back all this up in your documented procedure on the specifics of the process.   This has worked well for our organization and for SQF Auditors.  Swabbing may be overkill, unless you are bringing in a new piece of equipment and the food safety plan needs a re-validation.  However if your sanitation program is validated then this should suffice for the food safety risk, as you would be cleaning this item prior to use. If you are going to swab use a protein indicator or send a micro swab to the lab.  The ATP swab, IMO could give you inconclusive results, unless you have bench-marked your current ATP system to the specific surface material type that you are bringing in.   


We have all the items on our list, in general items are not deviating from what is documented.  Our take away from this requirement has actually been positive, as this creates a platform for approval and we have a solid reference to when and who purchased or brought in the item, which provides a control measure to the Food Safety Plan review.  


Hope this helps.  


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