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The Parallels of Petfood and Human Food HACCP Plans

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Posted 16 October 2020 - 06:48 AM

Would someone assistswith some thoughts on the parallels of pet food and human food HACCP plans?

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Posted 16 October 2020 - 07:13 AM

Would someone assists with some thoughts on the parallels of pet food and human food HACCP plans?

Just as one (US) example -


1.5  Is the Food Safety Plan [for animal food] the Same as a HACCP  Plan?
Although  a food safety  plan  and Hazard Analysis  and Critical  Control  Point  (HACCP) plan  are
similar,  they  are not identical.   A HACCP plan  is a written  document  based upon the principles
of HACCP and which  delineates  the procedures to be followed.   HACCP is a systematic
approach to the identification,  evaluation,  and control  of food safety  hazards.   HACCP systems,
which  are the result  of the implementation  of a HACCP plan,  have been mandated  by U.S.
Federal regulations  issued  by the FDA for processing  seafood and juice  and by the United  States
Department  of Agriculture  Food Safety  and Inspection  Service  (USDA/FSIS)  for processing
meat and poultry.   No HACCP system  has been mandated  by FDA for any animal  foodHACCP
principles  have been voluntarily  adopted however  by some segments  of the animal  food industry,
such as some rendering  facilities. Contains Nonbinding  Recommendations

1.6  What if a Facility  Already has a HACCP  Plan?
If you have an existing  HACCP plan,  you should  determine  if  your HACCP plan satisfies  all  the
requirements  for the food safety  plan  in the PCAF regulation.   You can use existing  programs,
procedures, and records and supplement  those with  any additional  information  required.   If you
are using  or planning  to use a HACCP plan at your animal  food facility,  you may find  helpful  a
complete  discussion  of the differences  between  a food safety  plan  and a HACCP plan in  the draft
guidance  document  issued  on August  24, 2016, titled  “Draft  Guidance  for Industry:   Hazard
Analysis  and Risk-Based  Preventive  Controls  for Human  Food”, Chapter 1 (Ref.  2).



Attached File  CVM-GFI--245-Hazard-Analysis-and-Risk-Based-Preventive-Controls-for-Food-for-Animals-1.pdf   1.12MB   4 downloads


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