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SQF Product Release for Winery

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Posted 22 July 2021 - 03:19 PM

Hello, I need some help with a product release procedure for a winery. We already perform most of the control needed to ensure a safe product for release, we just don't have a formal procedure written or a formal way of confirming. Right now our shipping/warehouse manager just gets an email stating that the wine passed Microbe testing, but that doesn't seem like good enough record keeping to me. I had an idea to add a cover sheet to the bottling report for each day/product. Each department needs to sign off that the wine meets legal requirements and specifications for release.


For example: 

1.Lab signs off that the tank prepared for bottling meets legal limits for TTB for Total SO2 and Volatile acidity and such, and that the label alcohol is true to the actual alcohol.

2.then this form gets sent to the bottling managers to prove that the bottling tank is cleared. The bottling managers then sign off at the end of the day that they performed all necessary controls (filter tests, glass rinser tests, and any glass breakage procedures) for the day and that the product that is in the bottle, matches the specifications for glass, cork, label, etc that was given to them. 

3.They staple the cover sheet to the front of their bottling report for the day, which then goes back to the lab for bottle analysis approval and microbe testing approval. (for our current procedures, the bottling report already gets passed between departments so that the winemaker can enter the bottling into our wine tracking software. For some reason, others are concerned that this cover sheet will get lost, even though we already pass around the bottling reports and have never lost one).

4.Once all the sign-offs have occurred, then it goes to the shipping manager who can see very clearly on one piece of paper that all legal parameters and product specifications have been met and he can officially sign off the product for release in our inventory tracking software.


I had a very difficult time trying to get some managers of the Supply procurement department and Winemaking Departments to get on board with this idea. They feel like it is too complicated and the paper will get lost. But I feel like it is the simplest way for someone who doesn't know what we do, to just simply look at this form and definitively be able to determine if the product is cleared for release. Does anyone have any thoughts on this process? or examples of their current product release procedures?



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Posted 22 July 2021 - 03:39 PM

Since you are getting a lot of pushback on this (and since the actual product control is well in hand) perhaps you just need to print off the email approval and add that to the records?


Assuming you get the production/batch and lab records for each lot, that should suffice


When I was in cannabis (which also required lab results PRIOR to release for sale) , we put ALL the documents related to a specific lot into a binder. The first page was the sign off from the QAP acknowledging that ALL the records had been reviewed and the lot was fit for sale.  QA was required to review the production records from all runs of a lot in situ during production, so most had been reviewed by the time the lot was ready for release


It's also best to not have departments release their own steps in the process-----------their eyes will glaze over and a decimal point error is more likely to be missed

Please stop referring to me as Sir/sirs

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Posted 23 July 2021 - 02:59 PM

i agree with scampi.   it would be easiest if one person reviewed the pertinent info and release product.   keep in mind you decide what the pertinent info is.   don't make it so complicated its difficult to release product.   '' verify legislative and other established food safety controls have been met'


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Posted 24 July 2021 - 03:32 AM

I presume this is SQF9, clause 2.4.7.


This is commonly known as Positive Release.


IMO you could virtually write a SOP based on the detailed requirements given therein.


There is a detailed Guidance given for SQF8.1, eg here is a portion -


This element is mandatory.
A supplier may do this by outlining in-line process measures that demonstrate that products are compliant with specified requirements.  In this procedure, the supplier will identify those personnel responsible for collecting samples and carrying out inspections, or ensuring that inspections are carried out, and the methods for doing so.
The product release procedure not only applies to positive release of compliant products, the supplier must also outline the procedure for releasing products from quarantine or hold status.   
In all cases, the supplier shall identify those staff positions with responsibility for releasing products and indicate the action  they  will  take  when  results  are  outside  specification,  including  reference  to  other  procedures  for  holding, reworking or disposing of product.


The supplier must ensure that:  
•  All products are confirmed as compliant before release to the market;
•  All staff are familiar with product release procedures and that personnel authorized to release product are aware of their responsibilities; and that  
•  All products under quarantine or hold status are released by authorized personnel only after the product has successfully passed inspection.  
All products released for distribution must have records maintained.  These records should record the product name and identification, confirmation of product checks, and the product disposition (e.g., release, quarantine, hold).   
Products released from hold must also be recorded.  Records must include the amount of product that was held and the reason for the hold.  Records should be reviewed routinely to ensure that holds are closed out.  
Any product that is still on-hold must be physically or visually verifiable.


IMEX for BRC, an excel sheet suffices where the respective individual, itemiized, checks per lot are chronologically column separated such that QA can tick them off against their (received) specifically related record documentation.

Kind Regards,



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