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SQF 9.0 Food Packaging - summary of our food safety policies

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Posted 09 September 2021 - 07:54 PM



I think I'm overthinking the requirement to put together a "summary of our orgs food safety policies and methods to apply to meet the requirements of the standard" (SQF 9.0 Food Packaging).... but, I'm at a loss. I feel like I'm trying to summarize a whole manual full of programs and methods and my summary ends up being way too much. 


Does anyone have a true summary I could use as a guide?  




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Posted 09 September 2021 - 09:03 PM



I run SQF ed 9.0 for Manufacturing. I have always considered all of my documents as a whole my "Manual". I still use printed documents and binders to organize all my policies. The first page of my first binder I put my summary simply stated as such:


This facility is a manufacturer of whole bean and ground coffee for a variety of customers including food service, retail, and hospitality. The facility is located in__________ and in a light industrial area. The facility occupies approximately _______square feet and a copy of the site plan and area map are made available upon request. Operations currently include one shift per day and approximately _______ employees. This describes or references the methods for ensuring compliance with the SQF Code, Edition 9. This document is the Safety and Quality Manual and includes or references all materials that currently comprise the food safety system. The scope of this plan includes all ground and whole bean green and roasted coffee beans. The SQF system includes processes and materials from receipt until shipping, or as long as this facility has control over those items and processes. The scope of this Manual and of the SQF Certification includes all whole bean and ground coffee products made by this facility. The products fall under the Food Sector Category 19, and the system incorporates Modules 2 and 11.  Requirement Source: Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Code, Edition 9. Responsibility: The SQF practitioner is responsible for ensuring adherence to the requirements of the SQF Code and this Manual. The Practitioner is responsible for ensuring continued development and implementation of the SQF system, as well as verifying and validating that system. Frequency: This policy is in place at all times.

Adjust to suit your facility or operation. I've ran this for years this way and never had an issue.


For me element 2.1.1 Management Responsibility starts on the following page and I go in order of the code. 

If you don't like change, you're going to like becoming irrelevant less. 

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Posted 16 September 2021 - 02:38 PM

Ours is incorporated into the Purpose and Scope of the Food Safety Management System Policy basically as stated on p. 38 of the Food Safety Code: Manufacture of Food Packaging, Edition 9.


Purpose: The Food Safety Management system is designed to identify and control policies, procedures, and product specifications/elements and how they are used to comply with the SQF code, kept as the Food Safety Manual. This includes all products, processes, activities conducted on site, food safety procedures, pre-requisite programs, food safety plans and any documentation necessary to support the development and the implementation, maintenance, and control of the SQF System.
Scope: The FSMS system covers all products manufactured (paperboard packaging), the facility, machinery, equipment and methods to ensure food safety efforts are adhered to through all processes.


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Posted 16 September 2021 - 04:38 PM

We basically do the same as Tyler Jones shared although our first page is even simpler that what he stated and we have not had any issues thus far.  Next month will be our first audit under SQF Edition 9 though, but I can't imagine the expectations for this part of the code have changed.   Most of the other information Tyler shared we include in our Scope document.  

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Posted 16 September 2021 - 06:08 PM

We put together a SQF Supporting Documents list, where we list the section of the code and our documents numbers and document title we believe support this section of the code.  We wrote 'A list of documents that support the standard can be found on the SQF Supporting Documents list'.


We also put our documents in order of the code to make audits go a lot more quickly.  Just makes it easier for the auditor and for us.  Hope this helps.

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