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Cost of development and Implementation of a FSVP for small clients

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Posted 21 January 2022 - 04:59 PM

Development and Implementation of a FSVP for small clients- I have seen on internet that some consulting companies charge $795.00 for the first product and 650.00$ for the second- Does it cost a develop and implementation of a FSVP?


Let’s take for an example - A small company have a warning letter from the FDA and need to use a consultant to develop and implement the FSVP program (including audit the supplier, Meeting with the FDA and all activities related with the program).


Does anyone have a general idea of the cost?



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Posted 25 January 2022 - 04:24 PM

How much does it cost to implement a FSVP?   is that your question?


It depends.  


1.  You need someone with time to oversee the program.   If you don't have someone who can dedicate time to program then there would be a cost of wages.   

2.  The person you hire or current employee(s) needs to be qualified.   They may need further training,  for instance a FSVP course is $500-1000

3.  If your program determines that sampling & testing, audits, etc are needed.   You may have costs for these as well.   I'm sure any consulting fee does not include theses.   


You can count on about $2000 a day + travel for a consultant to advise and help.     That would most likely increase if there is a warning letter involved.  


If a small company had a warning letter in hand.   I would guess they don't already have experience in the fsvp area.   I would suggest get an expert to help fix the current mess.   Then have them help set up the program going forward.  



Hope this helps, but your question is not real clear to me.  




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