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Has anyone worked at Purdue farms?

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Miss Frankie

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Posted 02 March 2022 - 04:40 PM

I worked with my first company for nearly 37 years.  I ran the entire QC/QA department,  and managed everything related to HACCP & SQF. We processed crab and finfish (mostly salmon).  I did pretty much everything nobody else wanted to do, or could figure out how to do.  I made all the forms, assisted with packaging inventory, kept track of forklift pre-op forms, did all plant pre-op, worked with auditors, etc.

I left in December for a (MUCH) better paying job. Assistant QA Manager.  I've been here 3 months and have had ZERO instruction.

Most of what I've been doing is just going over the HACCP plan and updating it and updating the SQF manuals.

Everyone once in a while, they'll want to me adjust nutrition labels, which I've figured out how to do, since nobody could show me.

I've made suggestions for prepping for audits that get ignored.     
Everyone day I walk the production floor, taking photos of things that should be fixed and email them to the higher powers, but they are more worried about restriping the parking lot, picking up cigarette butts from employee smoking area and pressure washing the building than clean rusty equipment and moldy ceilings, getting equipment to hang up tools rather than leaving them on equipment, over product. And getting a lock on the chemical cage?  Forget it! 


So, anyway, I saw a job posting for Food Safety/QA Manager for Purdue Farms and is considering applying.
Pay appears about the same, and a shorter drive.
But I don't know anyone who has worked for them to know how they are to work for.


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Posted 02 March 2022 - 08:22 PM

Give it a go.  Can't be much worse than what you have now, eh?  You may be able to sense the culture when you go for an interview.  When they give you the opportunity to ask questions, ask about food safety culture, quality's role, etc.


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Posted 02 March 2022 - 08:50 PM

I have not worked for them but IF I went for an interview, I would also ask questions. What are their core values, where does management stand on food safety and quality, work place safety, etc. How does the process work when/if you notice something that needs to be updated/changed would also be a good question since you have had some issues with that in your current employer. 


I am also over our HR department as well as food safety, quality, plant safety, and some what with production. I interview a good bit of candidates and I hate hearing them bad mouth their current/previous employer. That is always a "no no" in my book. Instead of telling them that you are not listened to, they are not serious about the issues you are bringing forward, tell them that you are looking for a company that fits your core values (be ready to list them out), one that empowers their employees to provide instrumental changes for the better of the company, looking for growth and development, etc. That way, you can say you are not happy with your current employer, but just in a nicer and more professional way. 


Hope this helps.



Nicole Farmer



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Posted 03 March 2022 - 05:29 AM

Hi Miss Frankie,


You probably won't be surprised to know that there is a considerable bundle of analogous posts here to your own history of regrets.


I guess it's obvious but it can be "revealing" to ask regarding whom you will be reporting to.


Good Luck !

Kind Regards,



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