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Food Fraud for Storage and Distribution Warehouse

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Posted 07 July 2022 - 10:10 PM

Could someone tell me do I need food fraud for each type of the product we purchased in Storage and Distribution Warehouse? 

We don't have any manufacturing and repacking process. Purchase all types of food product that are already packaged include frozen seafood, meat, noodles, spices, and can fruits etc. 


We do find co-manufacturers to put our company logo on the packaged product and I see we only did food fraud for these co-manufacturers product. Don't know if it is enough for BRC while someone said storage and distribution is exempt from FDA on the post below. 


In post#7 below said 21 CFR 121 Subpart A 121.5 (b) is exempt. 

Food Fraud VACCP from a 3PL standpoint - IFSQN


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Posted 08 July 2022 - 09:42 AM



My company is BRC Storage & distribution and the auditing body required food fraud assessment on all the products within the scope..

It doesn't have to be very long though (mine is only 3 pages long and I have about 300 products) and it can be for groups of products, in you case you could class them by packaging type or storage conditions or generic description (e.g. cans, fish derived products, fruits derived products, etc.) the choice is yours as long as it is documented.

for each category you need to risk assess the risk of food fraud. by looking at what is done for each category, it should be easy to determine the likelihood & severity of each types of food fraud (substitution, dilution, counterfeiting, unapproved enhancements, concealment, mislabelling and grey market production/diversion) and therefore determine if you have products which could be at high risk of food fraud.

Hope this helps.

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