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ISO 8573-1 Compliance-Point of Use

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Posted 26 February 2024 - 09:48 PM

Hello All, 


I am in charge on implementing new point of use filtration on our compressed air lines at my plant. We are to follow BCAS standards and meet 2:2:1 standards. To my knowledge when meeting Class 2 for particles, it is 0.1μm at <400,000 mg/m³. Every quote I get from a vendor says they meet the Class 2, they only filter down to 1μm. I am trying to connect the dots, but that is not what the standard states. My fear is that if I select a Class 1 rated filter it will be too much for our legacy system. These Class 1 filter's filter down to 0.01μm for reference. 

Has anyone had similar experience with dealing with this? Mind you these are for a >80psi and >1000cfm system. I want to meet the current ISO 8573-1 standard. 

Secondly, has anyone installed these types of filters and been able to meet the ISO standard with testing them in the field? 






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Posted 08 March 2024 - 03:25 PM

I guess it depends on how many of the smaller particles you would have in your system without the filter to determin if you need the smaller (class 1 filter).


I dont know your application, but for the most part i feel like filtering to even 0.1um is overkill.   The risk of injury or illness doesnt justify IMO.   


For perspective most injectable pharmacueticals are filtered to 0.2 micron for sterility.  




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