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Trace Analytics launches The AirCheck Academy™

compressed air testing

Have Compressed Air Quality Questions? The AirCheck Academy™ has the Answers.

Let’s face it…compressed air testing for the food and beverage industry is not easy to navigate. What should your concerns be? Is testing compressed air really necessary? Is the testing you do now appropriate for your compressed air use? You can find information to help you answer these questions and more at the AirCheck Academy™. By the way, it is FREE!
The AirCheck Academy™ made its soft debut in early July. The Experts at Trace Analytics opened the free learning center for anyone interested in compressed air, its various uses, and the quality concerns that go along with it. While the launch of the Academy is currently limited to the food industry, that will soon change. The Academy will offer information for a variety of industries using compressed air. Quality trends vary from industry to industry. A concern for one group may not exist for another. You might be shocked to learn the differences between breathing air quality and manufacturing air quality.

We invite you to start your education today! Take a moment to visit the AirCheck Academy™, where learning is just a click away.


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