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Teaching Techniques to Embed Scientific Principles and Food Safety

in Food Safety Fridays Webinars
Added by Simon, 22 Nov 2014

Taking place 05 Jun 2015 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM (Single Day Event)


Webinar Description

To deliver the best and most employable Food Science graduates at Nottingham University we have developed a number of teaching techniques over recent years to embed scientific principles into life-like and relevant contexts aimed to help the students to envisage the challenges they may face in their future career in the food industry. By recently including PBL teaching into external business workshops it has become apparent that employees in the food sectors could also get real benefit from being trained in specific food safety topics using this type of training. Ideas and approaches for use by food manufacturing companies are suggested.

Cost of Attendance: Free

Webinar Presenter

Speaker Bio:
Emma studied for her first and Masters Degrees at Leeds University. After working in Research at the University of Oxford, Emma then moved into the food industry holding Technical Management roles for over 14 years. She has direct experience in milling/bakery/snacks and a variety of chilled convenience food operations. Emma joined the University of Nottingham in 2009 and specialises in translating Food Science principles into realistic modern manufacturing and retail applications for students. She is responsible for problem based learning teaching within all courses. She also undertakes consultancy work for businesses. Areas of expertise: Food safety/quality systems, Food processing, Auditing, NPD.
Speaker Photo
Emma Weston
Teacher and Industrial Advisor
The University of Nottingham

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