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Advanced HACCP System for Food Manufacturers

Our HACCP package completely simplifies the process of implementing a HACCP system and includes our unique Hazard Assessment and Critical Control Point Calculator.

Watch this product demonstration video for an overview of the extensive documentation, records templates, training, checklists and project implementation tools contained in our packages and see how to download and access the FSMS package.

Included in the package:

  • HACCP Manual - Containing HACCP document templates
  • HACCP Calculator*
  • Comprehensive HACCP Implementation Guide
  • Good Manufacturing Practice Manual - A comprehensive set of over 130 prerequisite procedures and records covering all of the prerequisites included in PAS 220 & TS ISO 22002
  • Operational GMP Prerequisite Programmes Manual - A set of 48 operational GMP prerequisite programmes example procedures and records
  • HACCP Training & Exam - An interactive and illustrated HACCP training presentation plus a 1 hour multiple choice exam
  • Free online support via e-mail with this product
*How does the HACCP Calculator help?
  • A few simple steps take you through the hazard assessment and then significant hazards which require critical control point assessment are automatically highlighted.
  • You do not need to refer to the hazard decision tree to assess critical control points as all of the decision tree questions and actions are included in the calculator.
  • It makes the process of determining a critical control point simple, answer the questions at each stage and the calculator will show when a step is a critical control point.
  • Saves time and hence money.
  • It enables you to present your HACCP assessment in a clear and professional manner.
  • It automatically starts to generate a HACCP plan as you work through your hazard assessment and critical control points.
  • All your HACCP information can be held in a single document.
Sample documents: