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Upgrade your IFSQN membership and gain instant access to the exclusive areas and premium features of the website.

Membership upgrades can be purchased as a 3-month, annual or lifetime option and will enable you to:

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* * * * * by tinytina3 Jun 03 2019 07:43 PM

I am very happy with my membership! The forums are interesting, the resources have helped us successfully attain SQF and improve our policies and procedures.
I also really like the webinars to use as training tools with my QA Staff.
Keep up the good work!

* * * * * by Quality elf Jun 03 2019 08:52 PM

This is like my secret weapon, when ever I need to say 'let me check on that and I'll get back to you' you can bet I'm signing on here to find out the answer or verify what I thought the answer was. I use the site often and I am always thrilled with the positive collaborations. Even when people ask what they think are silly questions, people give them real responses and are helpful. I really appreciate this site and all it's resources.

* * * * * by SpradlinFoods Jun 03 2019 09:00 PM

Great site, great products!!!!!

* * * * * by Jo Deakin Jun 04 2019 08:28 AM

I really like being a member of this site, it's really useful to read and find food safety / quality management and other relevant information related to the flexible food packaging industry. I have been a member for a number of years and I visit the site on average four times a week.
I enjoy the topics and information given on the forum, personally, I don't participate but I really should get involved and share my thoughts and views. :cheers:

* * * * * by Misti2019 Jun 05 2019 05:45 PM


This has been very with learning and implementing new things around food safety. I really like that discussions that take place and how everyone is encouraged to join in. I also like that everyone is able to share forms, research and able to ask questions. This is something everyone can benefit from.

Misti Ellis

* * * * * by paulam1 Jun 12 2019 11:34 AM

I extensively use and reference the website on a weekly basis. The amount of professional feedback is extraordinary. The webinars and food safety topics that are covered are normally concerning issues to date with emphasis of issues taking place within most industries. Great job with the website, its very much appreciated!

* * * * - by Aurora_Ceres Jun 14 2019 12:33 PM

As independent consultants IFSQN provides us a with great network of experts that can support our activities, which in turn helps improve the safety and quality culture within our clients organisations. Access to advice, discussions and templates has been particularly valuable.