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How to take records in wet environments?

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Posted 25 August 2012 - 12:16 AM


I cant imagine that my problem is unique so i am hoping somebody out there has already solved this one.

We need to record various CCP results, but because the environment is wet and cold, the paper gets soggy, the workers have wet hands so it makes it hard for them to do the recording, smudges etc. Most of the time they do the testing then record the results at a later time, which part of me is okay with, as i am confident that they are doing the tests and they are doing the right thing re corrective actions etc, but obviously the records are not "accurate", and we may not always have trustworthy operators on board. It goes without saying that the best practice, and the one we want is to have them record the result immediatley.

So any suggestions, surley there must soem other way to record, waterproof pens? Do such a thing exist?

Look forward to any suggestions you may have.


Ian R

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Posted 04 September 2012 - 09:54 PM


it is difficult to give an answer as without know what product , risk levels etc but I have worked in both wet and cold conditions and have found the following useful at different times:
1, Laminated records that are written on with 'drywipe' pens, once completed it is then photocopied for historical records, wiped for the next day.
2, White boards same idea, but at the end of the day you take a photograph print and file.
3, Wet resistant (splash resistant) computer key boards stations and screens - no cheap but very good.

Hope this helps

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