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Safefood 360 Related Records Module (Overview)

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Posted 17 October 2012 - 05:05 PM

Related Records

The GFSI and governmental requirements for the use, completion, storage, and retention of records is pretty clear. As a food manufacturer, you are required to maintain genuine records to demonstrate effective control of the safety, legality, and quality of your product and retain records in a manner that allows them to be protected against physical damage such as water, fire, etc., and also easily retrieved. The records themselves must:
• Be maintained to demonstrate compliance with private standards and legislation
• Be filled out legibly
• Identify the person performing the activity, as well as suitably identify the specifics like what/why/when/where
• Properly altered with appropriate justification
Additionally, the FDA states that electronic records need to be suitably backed to prevent loss due to IT system failure.

How does Safefood 360 meet these requirements?
Safefood 360 takes the pain out of record completion, storage, retention, archival, and retrieval. Records are created, maintained, reviewed, and stored on a central database, making a convenient, thorough, and efficient process of record review by managers and auditors alike. The records that are created within the various modules allow the user to not only complete and store a record, but also add attachments, provide risk assessment where needed, and initiate a corrective action workflow when required. Completed records for areas such as customer complaints, calibrations, pest control (to name a few) provide the essential trending information that can be easily generated and reviewed. Reports can be accessed and emailed manually, or a user can select to have Safefood 360 automatically generate and disseminate reports upon schedule. Required documents can be uploaded, controlled, versioned, reviewed, approved, and revised within the Document Control module.
In addition to helping to meet the aforementioned requirements, Safefood 360 provides you with quick, one-click access to all of your data. For instance, if you want to look at a particular approved supplier the Approved Supplier List (ASL) presents a neatly categorized list of the approved materials associated with each approved supplier. The contact feature lets you drill down even further for each approved supplier. In addition to the topical information you can also create or attach original documents for:
• Reviews
• Risk Assessment
• Supplier certifications (GFSI audits that have been conducted)
• Self-assessments
• Supplier audits
• History of non-conformances
That same ease of access to a wide range of correlated information applies across the other modules like Employee Records, Training, Corrective Action, Internal Auditing, and more - even your entire HACCP plan!
In short, one single electronic platform replaces stacks of files, shelves of manuals, and network server space and replaces them with efficiency and value to the company in the way of increased productivity and compliance to ever increasing standards.


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