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Hijab (headscarf) - How to tie it without adding food safety risk?

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Posted 26 August 2013 - 01:51 PM

Hi , I dont know if someone could share his or her experience with Hijab ?.  How to tie it without adding foodsafety risk ? 

Some women in our bakery plant wear Hijab tied with pins. If there exist other way to tie hijab witout adding risks in the plant ?



thanks for your help





Ian R

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Posted 29 August 2013 - 08:30 AM


A delicate subject

Some ideas:

a. Count all the pins and all the pins out

b. What size, 'big' 'metal' pins,  they would be easily metal detected

c. No loose parts to the pins

d. Hair net over the top


You need to risk assess the wearing of pins and look at suitable controls.

Need to emphasise that the controls are purely for food safety to minimise the risk of pins getting into the product.




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Posted 29 August 2013 - 01:11 PM

We do not allow barrettes in hair unless they are over 2 inches in length.  Ourt thought is that they would be more easily metal detectable.  Perhaps if pins are no smaller than 2" and a hair net is worn, that would take care of that issue.








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Posted 02 September 2013 - 12:09 PM

This is something that you should risk assess as part of your pre-requisites. It's all about risk assessments.


As Ian R says, it is part of an emotive subject; where do you stop with regards to religious ornamentation? I looked into this when I developed our pre-requisite program, and to be honest, it's a mine field; your either being racist or compromising food safety!


You can treat it as you would any piercings or jewellery. Alternatively, you can stipulate that they use a safety pin, count in and out of shift and make sure it's detected by your metal detector (make sure you document this) .


Interestingly, this is what Tesco say in their TFMS V5 (8.9.1)



Where hair covering is worn for religious reasons a risk assessment must be completed and controls in place to manage the risk of product contamination




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