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Can the CB issue an expanded NC 2 weeks after the audit exit meeting?

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Posted 21 March 2016 - 01:13 AM

Hello Everyone!


I'm Kathryn, a long time Quality Manager in a quandary I've never been in until now.  I need your help and advice please.  We recently went through a third-party audit with a CB.  We were given a draft report upon completion of the audit, with the understanding that the final report would come our way after peer review.  We haven't seen the final list of NCs, but have received an email from the auditor advising that we would be receiving an expanded NC as the peer review indicated that this had been missed during the audit itself.     I have always operated under the assumption that peer review judges the severity of the NC, and can raise or lower, eg from a Minor to a Major.  My other take on peer review was that this allowed the CB to monitor the performance of individual auditors, and ensure there is consistency between them (what's the collective noun for auditors anyway?)


So, my question is, can the CB issue an expanded NC nearly 2 weeks after the audit exit meeting?


Thanks, and have a great day,




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Posted 21 March 2016 - 02:01 AM

Hi  Kathryn


The simple answer to your question is no the auditor can not issue additional   Non- conformances  two weeks after the audit as in the exit meeting both parties agreed about the non-conformances raised and the time frame in which these NCs should be addressed.


In appears that the Auditor in this case missed out on a major standard requirement/s which was picked up during the peer's review. Obviously the CB cannot send  the audit report in its present form to CB certification body such as JAZANZ or complete the audit reporting on BRC website. In such cases the peer review can be use for expanding the NC to ensure compliance with the standard.


The proper way of handling this issue in my opinion is that the auditor could have contacted you and mentioned his/her mistake and ask you to to allow her expanding the NC.


Kind regards

Dr Humaid Khan

Halal Interantional Services


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Leila Burin

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Posted 23 March 2016 - 05:43 PM

Dear K,

Unfortunately, the answer is YES - may be too long time 2 weeks, but pls see that the BRC NCR clearly states that the tick in the box as: "Provisional Grade A- (this grade is subject to technical checking, corrective action evidence review and final certification decision)".


It is very important in the closure meeting to make clear that the grade and the NC are a provisional grade, since always are reviewed by the CB Tech Team.


On my opinion, what fail is the auditor not to clear that. And understand that if he/she leaves the site not having well defined the NC raised, shall have clear that to you.


Sometimes there is time to contrast the findings WITHIN the audit, not to have these surprises later, but sometimes not....all depends on the availability of technical resources of the CB.

Best regards,


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Posted 24 March 2016 - 02:13 PM

It sounds like in this case the NC was reworded and possibly expanded but there is no mention of it being changed in severity.  It might be that the wording didn't properly reflect the requirements.  I would reply to the auditor and say that you felt it was unusual but would it be possible to see the reworded NC so you could discuss it with your team?  You may find it's nothing to be worried about and may even make it easier for you to resolve.  I wouldn't jump to conclusions.

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Posted 28 March 2016 - 10:21 PM

Thanks everyone for your advice - I really appreciate it.  Kathryn


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