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Infused olive oil - ingredient statement?

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Posted 17 May 2016 - 08:26 PM

Hi everyone,


I am wondering about how to state the ingredients in a product we are developing: garlic infused Olive Oil. the garlic is removed from the oil after a while, and therefore not present in the finished product.

I saw a lot of similar products on the market stating "olive oil infused with garlic" on their statement, is that ok? I feel like it is not quite true.


Bonus questions for the folks who deal with organic certifications: we were thinking about doing a "chili" infused olive oil as well. Issue is, our chilis are conventional, and the olive oil is organic. Our certifier wants to have percentages of each ingredients to determine which "organic category" (organic or MWO) the product would be, in their IPP forms.

But we put a lot of chilis in our oil, and then remove them, so what percentage can I give them in the finished product? chilis would be 0%, but then the rest would not be 100% olive oil because it is infused with the chilis...


I would love some help, maybe I am just looking at this the wrong way.





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Posted 19 May 2016 - 12:57 AM

Hi Essential FA


We live in very advance technical world. There are many technologies available which can precisely measure the amount of infused flavour/ component in olive oil. HPLC , GLC, GC + Mass spectroscopy are few technologies which can provide you accurate information. As infusion  is time and temperature dependent process so by standandlisation of these parameters will give results with in the particular range


Therefore by analysis say ten samples of the infused olive oil one can establish the actual quantities of infused material in olive oil and use this info with confident on their labels.


Kind regards

Dr. Humaid Khan

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