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Hoses cleaning & storage

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Posted 11 April 2017 - 07:58 AM

Hi all!

This is my first question here and would appreciate your advice.

I'm working on hoses management in food company. It is rubber hoses, but inflexible, diameter is about 100 mm, length is about 6 meters . Hoses are used for bulk unloading for different food raw materials both dry and liquid.


I try to find the best ways: 

- for hoses storage.

- for hoses cleaning.



1. It necessary to keep spare hoses in secured, dry, clean place, without possible cross-contamination and mixing up of hoses.

Do you have examples of boxes for hoses, cabinets with shelves, etc?


2. Hoses cleaning.

I want to use cleaning circle with detergent and disinfectant for it (like CIP, but out of place).

Do you know technical solution for this type of cleaning?

Do you know other variants of hoses cleaning?


Thank you for your ideas in advance!


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Posted 11 April 2017 - 10:26 PM

Hi Tatyana,


I don't have pictures, but we've used A-frame carts for inflexible hoses in the past that we store in a clean-dry storage area. This is a bad example, but gives you the gist of the idea, a cart with a steel triangle, weld hooks at various heights and long enough for the lengths of your hoses.


We clean ours by spraying with clean water with detergent, rinsing, sanitizing, and allowing to dry, but in our process it's dust control only. I'm not sure what the best process is for a hose like yours other than a COP tank or connecting them to a recirculating system like a CIP tank.


As for appropriate chemicals, it depends on what you're using, but I would think anything that they use in a dairy application (filling equipment, milk tanks, etc.) there in Russia would be a good place to start.


If you always put them away clean, no worries about cross-contamination. If you store them post-use and plan to use again, I would recommend separating to prevent dripping/cross contact, and somehow color-coding them for the product(s) and/or allergen profile you use that hose for. You can combine this with an identification system so you have traceability with equipment as well.

Austin Bouck
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Posted 12 April 2017 - 02:46 PM

Hi! Thank you for feedback.

I also thought about something like A-frame carts with covering and clear labeling.


About cleaning, as best options for now I thought about mobile (small volume CIP), but can't find good example for it. Something like it http://www.op-srl.it.../carrlav-detail


Also I heard about

- COP-cleaning like http://sanimatic.com...n-out-of-place/, but not sure about cleaning quality for long hoses

- cleaning in steel tubes - only hand-made variants

- cleaning guns - not suitable for food I suppose.


But it is only theory without any real details...

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