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Training in IT-department

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Conny T

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Posted 11 May 2017 - 01:07 PM

Hellow all


I  have just been talking to our IT-manager about documenting training in his department (him and a trainee). He does not mean that documenting training in a IT-department is at all relevant because he is about 90 % self-taught regarding to "our" IT. His boss cannot teach him anything as he is our Economy-director so how can he at all describe his training.


And regarding the trainee well....it was not easier to get through :smile: My result af this first meeting was "you just sort something out and I will sign it".


I think regarding IT-manager:


Introduction AD-software

Introduction Mail-software

Introduction Telephone-software


Anything else? He has extern consultant regarding security.




Setup of new PC and personal IT-equipment

Creating users in AD

Creating users in our mail-software

Creating users in Telephone-software








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Posted 11 May 2017 - 07:35 PM

Sometimes you can show that a person's experience outside the company gave him some capabilities, and that by successfully performing tasks in your company, he has shown competencies which prove that he is qualified. The end goal is not to show that he is trained, but to show that he is competent. Usually that comes from training, but for some people who learned on the job (more prevalent in the past), showing that they have acquired the proper skills may be enough.


I would suggest that you ask him what he feels is the critical abilities/competencies that are adequate to perform his job, and show how he has proven he has those competencies.


As for his trainee, that's easy if you declare that the IT manager is competent, he can decide what his trainee needs to know of what he knows.


A selling point for the IT manager to buy into this task is that it will make it easier to train more trainees because the "curriculum" is already established.



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