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Customer requested documentation

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Posted 08 June 2017 - 08:08 PM

Hello everyone,


It has been awhile since I posted anything on the site.  Just an update we recently had our IFS PAC secure audit and passed with a 98.6%.  :happydance:   I found a lot of answers on this site, so thank you to everyone here. :rock:


I have a question about customer requested documentation.  We are a flexible film manufacturer for the dairy and agricultural industries.  We have a few customers that purchase products from us and then sell that product to their customers.  Occasionally we receive requests from the customer that we fill out their customers requested "supplier" documents.  I am not sure where this puts us as their suppliers supplier.  I hope that makes sense.  We send our customers the documentation that they require - Letters of Guarantee, Letters of no objection, spec sheets, CFIA letters, etc.  Shouldn't it be our customers responsibility to send letters to their customers stating they have the required documentation on hand from their supplier or copies of what we send to them?


I have a recent document from our customer, from their customer.  Our customer filled in our address as supplier (to me that would be the facility that you purchase the product from) and their product code, which we do not use in our facility.  This sounds so confusing.


It's like Company A buys from Company B who purchased from Company C.  So Company A asks Company B for required Documents.  Company B goes to Company C and has them fill all of Company A's forms.    


I guess I am just curious if this is common practice out in the world?  We send a few items, such as roll-stock, to customers that all we do is label and send.  But when they ask for regulatory information and documentation we send letters on our letterhead complying with their request as their supplier.  We also inform the customer that if more information is needed we can send a copy of what we have on hand from our supplier.  I don't ever remember sending a supplier our customers form to fill in, we have asked to get a letter or statement on their letter head answering our customers questions.  Then we send a statement to our customer that answers that question.


I feel I have rambled on about this, my apologies.  We have just gone through this with a few customers and I still feel this strange.  If anyone can shed some light on this that would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you,



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Posted 09 June 2017 - 07:51 AM



We have the same issue in the wine/cider industry where we supply intermediates who then supply someone else. We give out certain information but keep 'delicate' private matters to ourselves to protect our buisness. As long as its reasonable information i don't see an issue. In your case i would imagine they would want to know whether you are graded, low risk?, material type and processes for example. Its not an unreasonable request within limits




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