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Metal detecting wand use

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Jim E.

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Posted 21 December 2017 - 11:22 PM

Greetings all


I have a question and looking for some feedback.  Of course almost every plant uses metal detectors, but how do you run them through your equipment?  We use to place the wand on the bag, but we would loose them.  We would place the wand in the bag and we would loose the wand and bag.  The we placed the wand on an exterior bag, taped, then place the sample product in the bag and run it through.  Now the extra weight will help the bag reject and the scale if it were to pass (not reject) at the metal detector.  This seems to work great and no 3rd party or regulatory has rejected our procedure.  But the bags we use are plastic and we tape them up when they start to wear until such point that we decide to change them for new bags.  Does anyone know if there may be a bag out there that is specifically designed for such a procedure. 


Thanks in advance. And Merry Christmas :x_tongue:  :x_tongue:  :x_tongue:





Madam A. D-tor

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Posted 22 December 2017 - 09:03 AM

Dear Jim E,


What is your product?  process?


Why do you loose your wand if fixed on the product?

Why do you loose your wand and bag (=product?) if placed in the bag (with product?)?

Kind Regards,

Madam A. D-tor


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Posted 02 January 2018 - 02:36 PM

The way that most people make up metal detector packs is as follows.

Take a real pack of your product and pass it through a metal detector to ensure it doesn't already contain metal.


Take a test wand and either put it on or in your pack.  The right placement is to try and get the wand as close to the centre of the aperture as possible so if your aperture is big, on the product might be the correct location.

Reseal the pack if necessary and label the pack (very well) with clear labelling that it's a metal detection pack, test piece size, when it was made up, who by etc.  Many sites use really vibrant tape so it's not likely to go "missing".


Use that as your test pack.  Note that really one test piece should be at the leading edge, one at the centre and one trailing.  If your test pieces are inside a pack of loose material, you may need to "shake them" to the right point before the test.


As for the fact the extra weight sends it to the weight reject bin?  Firstly the metal detector reject bin should be primary in your programming so if it fails both it should go to the metal reject.  Secondly if it misses the metal reject, it's a test fail even if it then goes into the weight reject.  It also implies your failsafes aren't working or aren't fast enough.


Hope that helps but reply if you need more info.

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