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Simple But Effective Tools To Assist with Food Safety

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Posted 25 September 2018 - 03:51 PM

Hey everyone! 

I've been asked by my management to "automate" our food safety as much as possible. After explaining that it's not something that can necessarily be automated we came to the conclusion that the management wants to do everything we can to help facilitate food safety with "hands-off" implementations. 


Things like: 

  • painting a track on the ground to guide employees and visitors to the locker room where they put on their hairnets and wash their hands. 
  • Signs showing how to properly wear smocks and hairnets
  • Adding remotes (like a garage door opener) to roller doors to limit access to those who have the remotes

Simple things that can have a great impact on the safety of the environment. 


I wanted to ask what you all have seen in your experience as I'm kind of getting a blank check to improve our program. 


I appreciate your help and look forward to your responses.  



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Posted 25 September 2018 - 04:24 PM

Colour photos of  people properly dressed for each department


colour coded hairnets/PPE


Scannable employee badges for exterior doors/punch clock worn on a breakaway lariat around the neck inside smock


automatic eye handwash stations


Dataloggers on everything (particularly the wifi kind)


Automatic boot washer you have to walk through (although the jury is out if not maintained properly)


Your employees don't only wash hands in the locker room i hope?


Software and tablets in unbreakable cases for record keeping


Plantwide automatic sanitation system


Alarm systems for coolers/freezers



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Posted 25 September 2018 - 05:00 PM

Hey Park,


You can use this to get some good automation on accountability to help a little further down the line.  We have card readers on our forklifts for drivers to sign into when they are using them (data is logged), in the even that the driver hits something too hard the unit shuts off and wont restart until unlocked by a manager (data is logged).  Great assist when it comes to recording accidents and incidents and trouble locations for traffic.


Look up any of the issues for safety on the OSHA site in regards to warehousing for some quick ideas:





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Brendan Triplett

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