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3 easy steps and 2 tools in root cause identification for your FSMS

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Posted 12 May 2019 - 05:15 PM

3 easy steps and 2 tools in root cause identification for your FSMS
Taking place:
Friday, May 17, 2019 - 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM UK Time
This is a 10.00 AM Eastern US Start
Vladimir Surčinski, MSc in sanitary engineering, Quality Austria
Webinar Overview:
This free webinar will cover specific and practical knowledge on how to identify root causes for nonconformities happening in your food production. You will have opportunity to get familiar with the common tools in root cause identification and steps for implementation of the same. Through real life examples focus on Ishikawa diagram and FMEA basics will be presented, and you will have chance to use this tools on an easy way in everyday business. 


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 05:31 PM

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Rod Gonzalez : Hello everyone from ON, Canada
Chris Thomas : All of them
Jorge Alejandro Gómez Castañeda : All 7 of them
Debbie O'Hara : f chart
Patricia  Maldonado  : All of them
Evelyn Beaudry : 5 Why's
D'Ann Williams : Fishbone chart, flow chart, pareto, checklist
Lauri Glasgow : 5 Whys/Fishbone
Sherine Kanagasunderam : all
Michael Greene : fishbone and a number of charts
Carol Durose : flow chart
Janice Galvez : all
Ileana Cartagena : Flowchart, checklist
Silvia Michanie : control charts
P Rekeweg : control charting, fish bone, why-why, pareto
P Rekeweg : flowchart
Rokshanara Khatun : fish bone diagram flow chart
Shwetha H S : 5 Ws
Alison Vandermay : 5 whys
Kristal Ancheta : Pareto, 5 why, fishbone
S Govindasamy  g subramaniam : fish bone
Irene, Li Chen Khoo : fish bone...5w
elaine wu : 5 whys
Jim Gresdal : 5 Why, Fishbone and Check sheets
Aliyu Angara : 5 whys
Krishnan  Rajangam  : fish bone diagram
Giulianna Vieira : Ishikawa, check, flowcharts, 5ws
Jennifer White : fishbone, 5 why
Loida Turla : 5 whys
Nilesh Bhalekar : 5 why flow chart
Jan JACKSON : fishbone and 5 whys
jacque pelfrey : checklist/check sheets, charts, - pretty much all
Linda Phillips : all of them
Kathy Balcom : 5 whys and fish bone
Shwetha H S : Risk matrix
Loida Turla : fishbone
suma lakshmana : 5 whys
Roberto Mendez : ishikawa
Maria Carme Flotats i Vidal : flowchart
Shanna Angle : check list, cause n effect
Akshay Singh : Hello everybody warm wishes to all!
Ryan Smith : all of them
Jean Ong : fishbones 5why
Irene, Li Chen Khoo : all
Sabina Alexander  : all but Pareto charts  plus we use 5 whys
Coreen Phillip : all
Steven Snyder : 5 why's, flowcharts and risk analysis
Patricia Briceño : Good morning, from Ecuador
Olga Smachany : fishbone, pareto, flowchart
alyssa j : Risk analysis for all with GFSI
Sagar Lachmansing : Fishbone, 5 Why
Patricia Briceño : Brain storm, 5 whys, w-h, Ishikawa D,
Chandra Shekar : we are not able to connect
hamid ziena : Hi Hamid Ziena  from Egypt
Simon Timperley : Please use google chrome or firefox browser Chandra.
Chandra Shekar : ok
Pugazhendhi Palanivel : good evening all of you
Simone Kummerlöwe : Hi from germany
hamid ziena : hi
D'Ann Williams : YES
Giulianna Vieira : yes!
Jose Guadalupe Hernandez R : Yeees, both
Darla KILROY : no
Tracey Richardson : all of them plus why why
Klee Wiles-Pearson : Good morning!!
Jose Guadalupe Hernandez R : brainstorming 5 whys ishikawa
alyssa j : mainly in business school
Jim Gresdal : Fishbone yes but only for more complex issues.
Tracey Richardson : I don't find the Fishbone effective
EBENEZER JACKSON : good afternoon , from Ghana
SUHAIL  BIN UMMER : good afternoon from India
Krishnan  Rajangam  : no
Jose Guadalupe Hernandez R : It seems like a very interesting tool
Thomas Schoenfeldt : This is a very effective tool for measuring risks@
Steven Snyder : it is just risk analysis just adding detection whan multiplying most of these will be in preventative programs and should be addressed in food safety plan
Dr.Seema M.A : HELLO
Ika Wiharyanti : hi
Jose Guadalupe Hernandez R : Looks like a more developed risk analysis
Sherine Kanagasunderam : How do you come up with the RPN?
Shwetha H S : I like this more than CCP tree
Jose Guadalupe Hernandez R : I guess I have used it, just not with the RPN
Babatunde Agboola : Hello from Nigeria
Steven Snyder : p x s x d = rpn
Sherine Kanagasunderam : Thanks:)
Jose Guadalupe Hernandez R : pxsxd
Sophia Finn : This method is very common in the automotive and medical device industries.
Giulianna Vieira : Does the RPN determine the priority of actions or there`s no difference?
Steven Snyder : RPN is determined by the priority number bottom left
Dr.Seema M.A : can we say the ccp and RPN resemblance
Steven Snyder : Opps bottom right
suma lakshmana : whats the difference between FMEA & HACCP risk analysis
Giulianna Vieira : Thanks! :)
Steven Snyder : no CCP is measurable and inherent risk scientificly proven and preventable FMEA you are evaluating and quality problem to correct it.(non-conformance)
Sophia Finn : HACCP is specific to food safety, FMEA can be used for any risk.
Rokshanara Khatun : what are the recommend situation to use Fishbone and FMEA?
Shwetha H S : I think FMEA is useful in identifying CCPs and Ishikawa is only for RCA.
Sophia Finn : fishbone and FMEA are different - FMEA is proactive, fishbone/5why generally used when there is any issue and need to determine root cause, reactive process.
kosaraju m murthy : hi from nada ksa
Debbie Lyons-Garcia : Hi from California
Steven Snyder : They are all for non conformity just with different approaches in deatail and expertise
Darla KILROY : On the example for FMEA if Improved state cannot be reduced to under 250 -- would creating CCP be the appropriate correction?
Sabina Alexander  : Thanks Vlad, I like how you linked the FMEA with the ishikawa  diagram
Nicola Brook : Thank you for practical session and good explanations
Michael Rodriguez : FMEA is like risk based thinking to id possible hazards that could cause problems that would need preventive actions
Roberto Mendez : Whit FMEA  and Ishikawa i could use pareto chart in order to attend the higest score
Darla KILROY : Thank you, excellent content
SUHAIL  BIN UMMER : I'm just a fresher to the industry. How far is this important at audit point of view.?
Sophia Finn : I love the idea of using FMEA as part of RCA and in food safety. Thank you!
Liz Lee : how long did it take to resolve this issue?
Patricia  Maldonado  : Thank you for explaining a very practical tool to improve RCA!
Shwetha H S : Is it better to use FMEA after CCP tree? Or better to use only one of them?
Liz Lee : this is a very good way to document all corrective actions and the followups if effective.  industry so many corrective actions that at one point which was the right action.
Shwetha H S : Is it better to use FMEA after CCP tree? Or better to use only one of them?
Sherine Kanagasunderam : Great content.  Thanks for the presentation.  Learned a lot:)  Happy Friday!
david gregerson : the band-aid effect. you must treat the illness not just the symptoms
Vivian Nguyen : Oh no! I thought this started at 11am EST but I guess it started at 10am :(
Marija  Žujović  : Perfect explanation, thank you!
Dr.Seema M.A : thanks for such a technical session and very supportive webinar
Liz Lee : Thanks Vladimir.  FYI..we had the same issue with mold on sausage and appear to be seasonal occurrence.  In the end, we invested in UV light process.
Lauri Glasgow : Vivian, there will be a recording later.
Steven Snyder : great job, reinforced and explained items i was unsure of, thanks
Jose Guadalupe Hernandez R : This is great for RCA documentation!!! Thank you for the explanations.
EVA PANTOJA : Thank you for informative session.
Roberto Mendez : the value of high, medium, low  apply to all industies (food, drinks, .....) ?
Chris Thomas : only comment.  This will be a great tool to use in conjuction with your complaint systems and in eliminating these complaints
COLEEN MARCIA HENRY : Thanks for the information shared.
Maricarmen Miranda : Are there templates in spanish for FMEA?
hamid ziena : very important topic. Thanks
D'Ann Williams : Thank you both!
Chris Thomas : Thank you and Have a great weekend!
Shwetha H S : Thank you so much
Sophia Finn : Thank you!
Nilesh Bhalekar : Thank you for the session
jacque pelfrey : thanks
Linda Stephens : cool SLP

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