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Anyone have experience processing a Fully Cooked Bacon product?

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Posted 28 June 2019 - 02:35 PM



Does anyone have any experience in processing a fully cooked bacon product? if so I am looking to find as much scientific research papers on the process and the key food safety and quality metrics that should be focused on. I am aware of the yield requirements, and water activity. Are there also PH, Salt, Cooking times or temperatures. Thank you in advance for the feedback!

#2 LesleySR


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Posted 01 July 2019 - 02:05 PM

Hi dsarapin


I worked at a bacon factory for years but the finished bacon product was not cooked, the preservation was done via ‘wet cure’ ie. saline injection with nitrites so I’m not sure this would help you much.  In UK (and USA I think?) “bacon” isn’t a cooked meat product, it is supplied raw for cooking at home.



You don't say which country you are based in - some countries will have legal requirement so would be useful to check whether these exist?...the following links may be useful






However, as your product is to be supplied in a cooked format, you would probably be better to perform an internet search for systems/HACCP plans for ham as this is a ready to eat salted pork product?.



These may provide a starting point & also include sources for reference data:


http://download.poul...oking - v01.pdf

    (page 12)






Best of luck!

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