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Tools being used for social distancing on sorting lines

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Tomato Country Girl

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Posted 16 April 2020 - 05:58 PM

We have been working on protocols for if COVID-19 is around in our harvest season, does anyone have any experience in this yet from what is being used for sorting lines where facility space is very limited, also how are you dealing with racks for them to hang jackets, aprons and gloves?


Any links, references to articles or benchmarking techniques greatly appreciated.


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Posted 16 April 2020 - 06:39 PM

We have a couple of locations in productions where people stand directly across from each other. We have hung from the ceiling, a clear shower curtain, on stainless steel rods that separate them, but maintain vision and sound. We have not changed are locations for smocks, as they must removed then when they leave the production area.






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Posted 16 April 2020 - 06:51 PM

We have a small coat room for people to keep their items and are only allowing one person in at a time. On the line, we are trying to separate them as much as possible by building barriers are hanging plastic curtains. We also made fabric masks for people to use if they want. 


My experience is in a facility not outside harvesting so I am not familiar with the set up and layout but I would say try to form as many barriers as possible or keep separated as much as possible. I know it's easier said than done but something is better than nothing! Good luck!


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Posted 16 April 2020 - 09:10 PM

This may help - https://www.feedingus.org/ - ideas on how to do social distancing in a food manufacture facility


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Posted 17 April 2020 - 01:55 PM

One of the thing we did in our break room since we do not have lockers; was that 1st we split up or breaks/lunches. 

We only left 4 tables in the break room with 4 chairs each. We put out chairs so employees are putting there thing there, so each employees has it's own chair for the whole day. Chairs get clean and sanitize at the end of the day. 

With the glove we give them cloth ones 1-2 pair for employees that are not touching product; we pack potatoes and onions.

For our graders we put the gloves in the break room and they grab 1-3 pair daily; as needed. 

So no employee is in the warehouse with out gloves. 

We take their temperatures in the morning before we start the shift. 

One of the things we also did was one person cleaning the break room, office, restroom, doors, handles all day, that is what she does the whole day clean, clean, clean and sanitize. 

I was having a hard time finding dusk mask, but was able to get some made. 

I understand how hard it can be keeping employees separated 6 feet a part, it is really hard in our warehouse but that is why we have took measurements like taking temperatures,making sure employees are washing their hands, and letting employees know that they do not need to show up to work is they have the symptoms. One of the things I also did since here in Georgia is pollen season and some of the symptoms of COVID-19 and allergies are similar, I explain to them the difference between CODIV-19 symptoms and allergies. 

Hope this helps. Stay safe. 

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