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Live Bird inside the Facility

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Posted 14 May 2020 - 12:42 PM

Hello there,


Last Friday we noticed a live bird was inside our manufacturing facility but naturally it flew out of sight and we have not been able to find it again. Does anyone have advice on how we could try to find it/remove it from our facility? Thank you.


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Posted 14 May 2020 - 12:52 PM

Open ONE well lit doorway or dock door. Close all the other exits. 

Turn off all the lights and make some noise. The bird should fly toward to the light to get away.


Do not use guns.






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Posted 14 May 2020 - 12:58 PM

If you have a GFSI required IPM program, make sure you note it on your pest control sighting log as well. If an employee mentions it during an auditor interview, a good auditor will go check there to make sure it was noted.


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Posted 14 May 2020 - 02:58 PM

Like Setanta said, scare it out.  Or call your pest control service, they should have some good ideas.  But yeah no BB Guns or Sniffing dogs.  



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Posted 14 May 2020 - 03:49 PM

Net shooters are great. You point what looks like a flash light at the bird, the a laser light comes on and you press the firing button and it shoots a small net out to capture the bird.


They are available in a bunch of different formats - to get an idea of what they look like and some demo's go here:



We have a couple of clients that have them and in this way you don't have to inspect everything under the path of the bird leaving the path for dropped bird mites, nasty things!


This reminds me of a story from my auditing days - it was funny in a strange way.


I was in Iowa at a peanut butter cracker (Lance kind of stuff) company.


Had called a week or so in advance to set up the inspection and all was set and ready to go.


I get to the plant and the receptionist calls the QA office and out walks the QA  Manager along with 10 other people - he is not the one I talked to when I set  up the audit.


He's brand new (it was his first day) and the 10 people with him are all from another company that took over the PB cracker company and this was their first day in the facility - what fun eh?!


Anyway, after the discussion about how we needed to go ahead and get the audit done, they agreed and we went about doing the tour.


As I was walking down the middle of numerous low vats of open cracker mix I heard a bird chirping and sure enough there was a pigeon nesting right above me in the main beam.


Without saying a word, the Maintenance Manager says he's got this and he runs to his office and comes back with a .22 rifle.


Before I could say anything (or for that matter the others) he's blasting away!


He hits it - the bird though takes off spreading feathers and blood raining down on the troughs of cracker mix.


I won't get into the balance of the story - we'll just say that it didn't end well for the plant nor the hold-over Maintenance Manager.

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Posted 14 May 2020 - 04:52 PM

I echo Setanta's suggestion, and would add to keep the bird's exit door clear - a bunch of people standing by the open door will not entice the bird near it. I used to work with birds and they aren't (always) as "bird-brained" as most believe.


Also there's a reason the bird is in there - whether it was intentional because there is available food or the door was left open and it unintentionally flew in, I'd also consider how to prevent it happening again. Roller doors being left open when not in use is usally the culprit in my experiance.

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