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CIP - Clean in Place


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Posted 16 August 2020 - 07:59 PM

Good day all.


Trust you are well and keeping safe.


My question is will single tank systems be allowed when applying the CIP in the following manner. 


Clean-In-Place (CIP) System for all of the downstream processing unit operations viz. Crystalliser 3 (X3); Filter 3 (F3) and the Final Product Drier (Drier). These units operations process final product to specification and as such requires cleaning at a pre-determined interval/s. The CIP unit operation will be a standalone system that prepares and delivers CIP liquid at a pre-determined concentration (Caustic Lye solution 2.5%) and temperature to the aforementioned downstream processing unit operations. The objective of CIP-ing is to clean, or rid, the equipment of soiled, old and OOS product. It is envisaged that weekly cleaning of all 3 unit operations is required and whenever an OOS result is obtained on final product. All spent CIP liquid is treated as waste by the Effluent treatment plant.


  • With spray balls already inserted, operator to ensure X3 is ready for CIP
  • PLC will deliver 3m3 of 2.5% Caustic at 70°C to 6 spray balls.
  • CIP solution to be discharged to drain; no recycle of CIP solution, this is a 1 pass cleaning with Caustic.
  • On completion – system PLC to alert for Request to Rinse
  • Again water is delivered to CIP make-up tank and pumped through spray-balls to flush out traces of caustic. It must be noted here that there is no risk if residual Caustic remains in X3; caustic is used for pH adjustment during process.
  • Rinse water is discharged to drain; no re-use, all flushes are regarded as spent and will be dealt with via the Effluent treatment plant.


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Posted 19 August 2020 - 04:52 PM

Yes.  But...


You need to look at how the rinse water will be delivered to the equipment from the CIP system.  For example, is it through the single tank, or is it another water line connected to the system?  It wasn't 100% clear from what you described.  If the tank is used you will need to verify all the wash solution is rinsed from the tank with some sort of chemical check (titration, pH, conductivity).


What about a sanitize step?  How will sanitizer be administered and controlled?

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