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Does a Packaging Mock Recall have to be 100%?

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Posted 21 October 2020 - 06:39 PM

Hi everyone,


I really need you professional help here.


We just finished up our SQF audit, and we got one minor compliance that we cannot explain the 107% (over 100%) packaging (Jars) mock recall recovery rate. The explanation I provided during audit is that since the qty of units in each case is variable between 140-155 and we used the qty of the packing list provided by supplier (which is not correct) to calculate our recovery rate. In our case, the final qty of packaging jars used finished products is more than that claimed in the packing list. That's why it's over 100%.

But the auditor didn't accept it and write us a minor.  However, after I received the CAR from auditor and second reviewed the mock recall record, I found out the true reason that recovery rate was so high was because some of jars recovered are mixed with different POs and there was no cutoff between transition. Should I let the auditor know or I just put it into my corrective action?


Aside this question, the auditor requested all the packaging should be recovered 100% based on the Costco Addendum, but we have packaging film in production as well, it's really hard and barely possible to recover exact 100% due to wastage and variances etc. Could somebody share your experience? 


Please advise. 





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Posted 21 October 2020 - 07:15 PM

Couple of thoughts.


1. You need to run a manual count on contents of each case, etc. obviously as you mention you can not rely on the paperwork.


2. Verbal don't go - seriously it does not matter what you say verbally to an Auditor (I was an Auditor before seeing the light) - everything must be explained in documentation. If your mock recall showed 107% it should have been an automatic correction and another one done so there were no issues at the audit itself.


3. You can show a waste section and estimate a percentage, but must be backed up somehow with documentation - I'd begin tracking the waste out or in use, etc and get some history going so the next time it can be fully documented and explained.


That's my couple of cents.

All the Best,


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