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Dehydrated Onion Product Specification Particle Size

quality dehydrated onion particle size product specification onion

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Posted 07 December 2020 - 07:25 PM

Hi everyone,


We are currently in the process of changing our product specification to closely reflect our lab results from our third party lab testing company.


We are particularly looking to change our particle size on the product spec for dehydrated onion products.


Here are the products and results we are looking for...

Please let me know a percent maximum for each sieve that shows a quality product that is also realistic.


1. Onion Powder:

  • US #45
  • US #80
  • US #100

2. Onion Minced:

  • US #6
  • US #20
  • US #35

3. Onion Chopped:

  • US #4
  • US #8
  • US #100

4. Onion Granules:

  • US #30
  • US #35
  • US #100


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Posted 08 December 2020 - 06:51 PM

You could use your test data to develope the max(s).   Below is a link to Olam's specifications that you could use for some guidance.   If you are creating the specs for your own company the max could / should be determined by your process and final product specification.   


spice suppliers usually have pretty wide specs for granualtion, so I would be carefull to not create a spec that your suppliers are not currently or capable of meeting (unless you currently have an issue with what they are supplying) 


I guess in the past, I just used the suppliers specifications and developed ours based off of the suppliers specification sheet.   In my case,  there was no need to be too technical or restrictive as granulation was not critical to quality. 




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