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What information do you include on your Production Room Boards?

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Posted 15 December 2020 - 02:23 PM

I've been looking for ways to promote a better FS culture at my company and I see a lot of companies have boards presented where production areas are "graded".


My facility has 4 different production areas, where a quality technician is assigned to each area. My thought is to have a quality technician complete an inspection form and on a monthly basis we grade the room. The room would then receive a breakdown of a score (such as GMP's, Quality Issues, etc)


I can't decide if a weekly or daily occurrence is adequate for this or what would be too much. Does anyone else do this? What types of things do you look for?


some ideas I had:

  • Are employees wearing the proper PPE?
  • Are employees following their GMP's?
  • Is paperwork being completed properly?
  • Has any product had to be placed in non-conforming?


and so on...


Just looking for some ideas and seeing what other people do!


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Posted 15 December 2020 - 02:53 PM



I like this idea!! I think this would be great, and maybe you could interpret the results into a numerical value / use a score system so you could then complete trend analysis to show progression / identify issue areas?!


I would do this at my place, but i know for a fact not 1 person would give a flying hoot. E.G. an area marked down due to incorrect PPE - nobody would care, do anything about it, especially the person wearing incorrect PPE.


Sad but true. Fighting an already lost battle at my place  :thumbup:


I think daily is too much but it depends on the size of your site and operations! Maybe record weekly then an overall monthly review? Just throwing out some ideas. 


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Posted 15 December 2020 - 04:47 PM

I anticipate you are already doing checks on PPE, GMP etc? But actually making use of the data is something I'd recommend. If you're trying to build up the culture from the start, I'd focus on step by step - habits take time to change. Management commitment is key also; whilst it would be great if everyone complied with the PPE procedure for reasons of food safety complaince, the 'motivation' of doing it to avoid disciplinary down the line can help move things along, whilst the culture improves with time and training. If the top doesn't give a hoot, the workforce won't feel inclined to either and you'll have an uphill battle.


We've recently inntroduced daily KPI meetings, they are short and to the point but are working well to drive progress in recognising issues and actioning them, rather than just the same issues reoccuring again and again. Encouraging departmental managers to take accontability of their teams has massively helped. In these KPI meetings for Technical I summarise the previous day's PPE, paperwork and GMP % scores, and it took a few weeks but over the past few months we've seen good progress. Sharing positive news and good progress alongside the negative I feel has helped the workforce to become more engaged in the FS culture.


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Posted 15 December 2020 - 05:29 PM

I would also be careful about what you are considering. Technically most PPE is not food safety but is personnel safety. We consider the PPE that is food safety as GMPs instead of PPE. 


We started using computer/tablet based audits that get automatically emailed out after completion. Some audits we do every month (GMP) some we do multiple times a day (checks on products).


If we assign an action through the program we can then track it and it auto emails the person the issue, a picture, and the timeframe to close it out. 


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Posted 15 December 2020 - 07:46 PM

Like Zanorias said - management commitment is huge. If employees know management doesn't care - many won't follow the proper rules.


If you use a program like excel to record your findings (turn your answers into a numeric value), then it can be easily charted.


To determine what you plan on looking at - I would go over your paperwork to see what is being already collected.

Ryan M.

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Posted 15 December 2020 - 11:25 PM

You need management commitment and buy-in from department leaders.  As others have said, the actions of the department leaders can be massively beneficial for this.  We have a tough road to his in this respect as our master sanitation is terrible, our employee GMP behavior is terrible, and plant upkeep is terrible.

HOWEVER....we are on the precipice of great strides in all three areas as we are going towards a HPWS (High Performance Work System) which drives down the behaviors and responsibilities to associates (floor employees).  New management in place to drive this and put the systems in place to establish the behaviors we want.  This will take time, but it will have long lasting effects.


With that, there will be a boards installed to communicate our KPI's.  The biggest things with any of this is not letting things go and staying on top of them.  Communicating results or metrics just to communicate them doesn't do much.  Creating actionable items that initiate action and results is what really counts.

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