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FSSC V5.1 Risk Assessment to determine PRP inspection frequency

FSSC V5.1 Risk Assessment to

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Posted 04 March 2021 - 11:01 AM

Hi, can someone please provide me with an example or advice on how to do a risk assessment to determine the frequency of my PRP inspection. I want to use the below matrix but I am afraid that I am stuck with the construction and layout PRP this risk assessment is not as simple as what you will do for a flow. Risk Assessment Matrix Probability Criteria Severity Criteria Outcome Decision Criteria Special Points of Attention  Severity Probability 3 Failure of the activity being inspected/ audited is likely to happen often or frequent 3 failure of the activity being inspected/audited is likely to lead to an immediate/ grave health impact, recall or regulatory issue High  Audit the activity at a frequent level - minimum every 3 months 1 Scope to include all PRP as per ZA-MM-NI-GEN-PRO-010 PRP Prerequisite Programmes   1 2 3 1 1 2 3 2 2 4 6 2 Failure of the activity being inspected/audited can happen, but not frequent 2 Failure of the activity being inspected/audited is unlikely to pose an immediate/ grave risk to the consumer but repeat failures over time may Medium Audit the activity at a reduced level - minimum every 6 months 2 All PRPs shall be inspected/audited at least annually regardless of the risk 3 3 6 9 Notes After each point the multiplication of the severity and potential rating determines whether a point is high, medium, or low in regard to significance 1 Failure o the activity being inspected is unlikely to happen, rare, remote 1 Failure of the activity being inspected/audited is unlikely to pose an immediate/grave risk to the consumer Low Audit the activity at a minimum level - minimum every 12 months  3.

Evans X.

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Posted 09 March 2021 - 10:08 AM

Greetings Saffi,


I have to admit that this wall-of-text is a bit confusing. I will try to address your issue in light of the Construction & Layout PrP you mentioned.

First of all in the matrix you have created and after the initial assessment you have done, you can create a column where you will fill the existing measures. Some examples are the trend from pest control reports (eg an increase on the internal findings), the increase of humidity, air testing, integrity inspections (which is a must for FSSC) etc. These are a few parameters, among others, that can give you a clue if there is problem with your buildings and surrounding areas and then do a re-evaluation on your matrix, taking these into account. This will result either in covering your requirements through the current controls and if all is good then you will propably need fewer audits (meaning that through the above mentioned parameters which you monitor you don't find immediate threats). Or you will find some vulnerable points which will need further measures, like more frequent audits.

Bottom line is to find the measurable/observable parameters of your system, that you perform and can have an association with your PrP. If these don't vary through time then this can result in fewer audits for your PrP. However, this in no way excludes the at least once a year audit for said PrP.


Hope it helps,

Kind regards.

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