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How to Pass Post-cleaning Allergen Swab Supersnap Hygiena

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Duerra Matilda

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Posted 13 March 2021 - 05:10 AM

Hi all.. I have questions here..  Has anyone here got more than 1 allergen at your factory? My company got more than 1 allergen in our products. So we want to do cleaning validation for allergen. We are using Ultrasnap and Supersnap Hygiena swab test kit. The problem here, we can pass the Ultrasnap (ATP) swabs for most machines, be it at the mixing part or packing part. But, always fail when tested with Supersnap (general allergen test kit). Here im confused how to actually 'varnish' the allergen residue from food contact surface? What type of chemical is suitable to clean allergen residue?  Is it alkaline-based. acid-based or what? Or is there any important step that I missed? Or is it because of there are so many allergens in each product? So far I used acid-based and alkaline-based, still failed. Already followed the cleaning SOP, and soak & scrub at least 5 minutes before rinse and sanitize.


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Posted 13 March 2021 - 01:24 PM

Hi Mira,


The Supersnap detects ATP as with the Ultrasnap but is more sensitive which may account for differences you are seeing. The Allersnap is the protein specific test. 

Have a look through the resource tab on the Hygiene pages below, they have some info and research on allergen detection programs with Supersnap v Allersnap v ELISA. 





Other options for validation are in-house lateral flow allergen specific kits, or external swabs - depending on requirements & resource.


Regarding cleaning and chemical suitability, if you use a chemical supplier I'd first contact them as they should be able to advise suitable chemicals effective to your specific operation and equipment.

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