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Validation CCP (F0)

thermal continous

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Posted 08 September 2021 - 05:57 AM

Hi all

I want to ask something,

1. is it appropriate to calculate F0 to validate CCP in garlic frying process?   

2. is F0 only used to validated in pasteurization process?

3. Does anyone have advice other method to validate CCP in garlic frying process?

Thank you for your time   

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Posted 08 September 2021 - 06:09 PM



F0 is a measure of lethality specific to achieving commercial sterility


What is the CCP exactly, that you are trying to validate?

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Posted 08 September 2021 - 10:26 PM

I think F0 is meant for moist/steam sterilization.   I don't believe  that would  correspond to frying, if that is the direction you are headed.  


When you say "frying"  I think of hot oil.  is that what you are doing?   perhaps if you gave more details on the process, time, temp, product, etc, someone could provide better assistance.  


to validate the kill step ccp I think it would be best to find a scientific study that closely matches your process and product that indicates a time and temperature to achieve a suitable log reduction of pathogen(s) of concern.   That would be a source to validate your process as effective 


without scientific data a validation study could be conducted to demonstrate a certain log reduction of pathogen(s).  

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