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Grease trap effectiveness

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Posted 28 April 2022 - 02:23 AM

Hi all, 


I have a situation here, we manufacture ready to eat food . We have only one central grease trap outside our building before the waste water discharge to the main stream. Recently I have purchase and enzyme brick to  prevent fat coagulation and improve my waste water quality before down to the stream. 

I have send the sample before install and after installing enyzme brick . The result was great but my COD result is still over the limit. 


So I wonder is the only grease trap are not sufficient ? or What other possible ways implement ? 

Evans X.

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Posted 28 April 2022 - 09:07 AM

Greetings Jayce,


There are a few things that could affect the proper work of the enzyme brick along with the grease trap, such as the needed quantity of bricks according to the waste quantity, the flow rate of the waste, the type of the enzyme brick (is it focused mostly on degradation or preventing goagulation), maybe a flaw in the grease trap(?), is it applied in individual doses or continuously, are the environmental conditions suitable for the brick to work (a bit far-fetched but extreme heat or cold can cause the bacteria on the brick not to perform ideally or low pH for some reason).

Another (costly) way is installation of biological treatment through anaerobic digestion or (this could possibly provide a new income after an investment) to use a system to separate the waste (usually in 3 layers) one being sold to biofuel producing industries - second to composting and the remaining clean effluent which can be safely disposed.



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