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Posted 31 May 2022 - 06:18 PM

Hi all,


I am hoping someone will help me out here.


What should be done if a specific part of an equipment keeps failing allergen test after it has been washed for several times? It is a dicer blade used for chopping cookie dough. It was purchased new last year and this is not the first time we are testing it for allergen. Other parts of the equipment are ok. The allergen present in cookie dough are Gluten, and Soy. I am wondering if any one has experienced this before and what should be done.



Kara S.

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Posted 31 May 2022 - 06:52 PM

You have multiple options. 

  1. Change your cleaning SSOP. There is something that is not working unfortunately. I would first watch how it is cleaned (which I'm sure you have done many times). Maybe there is 1 employee that isn't really scrubbing hard enough or missing a step. Maybe you have to disassemble it more than you have been for an easier clean. Work with your chemical supplier to ensure you are using the appropriate cleaning chemicals for those soils. Maybe do more of a COP sink clean than a manual clean? 
  2. Change the Blades. Instead of recleaning, you can change the blades. It could be an indicator that there are some micro-cracks that can no longer be effectively cleaned. If you map out the times you have had this issue maybe there is a trend that this starts to happen almost monthly and you can work it in as a PM. Even if there is no trend, why waste the time cleaning if the blades are likely replaceable? Reclean once, still no good, then just swap out the blades. 
  3. Buy separate blades for allergen use. Unsure what your dicer looks like but maybe look into having a second set (head and blades) just for the allergen run? When you are finished with the allergen run you swap it out. Might be expensive to buy an additional set but you can potentially justify the cost with savings on downtime, cleaning time, recleaning time, and allergen swabs. 

Kind regards, 


Kara Scherer 

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