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Chocolate coating room and dry packing room zoning and gowning

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Posted 10 June 2022 - 03:29 PM



We have started a new operation of chocolate panning over nuts and dried fruit. Along with that we also have regular dry packing of nuts and dried fruits. We are of course separating the areas but I am not sure how the gowning system works. 

We  need to have a sperate gowning system for both the operations. The one for chocolate panning will be more stringent over the other. I want to avoid the personnel to walk with the same gowning in the crossfunctional area. Can someone please advise on this?


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Posted 10 June 2022 - 03:47 PM

Are you requiring the teams in the chocolate room to wear more PPE than those in the dried nut room? 


If you're looking to separate staff by function, you could have different colored gowns for each operation (blue vs white). Perhaps even something as simple as different colored hairnets could work. Just remember to have adequate PPE stations to promote staff changing their PPE as needed, otherwise these rules can be difficult to follow.

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Posted 24 June 2022 - 06:36 PM

You can add a sanitary vestibule/room for putting your gown on prior to entering production and rehang after leaving production. Or if you are not capable of separating by a room, you can provide hooks on the walls for people to place their gowns prior to the common areas that both chocolate and non-chocolate personnel use.

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Posted 26 June 2022 - 04:19 AM

Hi ankitadharma,


Clearly the chocolate area needs to be higher hygiene. There are also potential allergens with milk and soy being possible ingredients in the chocolate.


Ideally this segregation is carried out by having a separate changing and production area with similar colour coded protective clothing and cleaning equipment (e.g. red for high risk). Gowns/overalls could have a red collar if you didn’t want to have all red. An alternative may be disposable coloured aprons etc.


Kind regards,


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