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Proper Disposal of Wastewater from Portable Handwashing Stations

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Posted 17 March 2023 - 03:03 PM

We have our initial SQF certification audit in 2 months and I am hoping to get some direction on wastewater disposal.


We are a coffee roasting and packaging operation. We utilize 4 portable handwashing stations at each of the 4 entry points to our production are, and we are trying to figure out the best place to drain these when the wastewater tank needs emptied. The only areas where we have floor drains that we can get these sinks to are in the production area and a storage room off the side of the packaging area. 


My question is, would it be acceptable to place a mop sink over the floor drain in the storage room and place a partition between that and the items stored in the room? We store packaging, utensils and retain samples in this room, all of which are sealed and/or covered. If anyone has a better solution to this we would love to hear them!


Thank you for your help!

Ryan M.

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Posted 18 March 2023 - 01:04 PM

Good question.  I think you need to conduct a risk assessment to determine where and how to dispose of the wastewater.  Some of the risks are transferring contamination of the wastewater to ingredients, primary packaging, product.  However, you also need to think about people and those handling the wastewater disposal with the potential of transferring contamination to other areas.


Drains near materials can be risky, but you also need to consider foot traffic as well.  If you have a strict procedure on where and how to dispose of the wastewater and then the follow-up actions of personnel handling the wastewater, and the area with cleaning and sanitizing you can probably control the hazards pretty well.



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Posted 19 March 2023 - 03:53 PM

Where is your janitorial area? That would be a good spot to dump into a drain.

Remember that you'll need to wash out these containers and sanitize them after the dump.

Understanding that your company does Coffee and having clients that are roasters I don't understand why there is a floor drain in a dry storage area?

If this was a converted building, is there a way to isolate the drain (walled off) but where are you going to do sanitation on the tanks?

Where do you currently have a 3 bay sink or 2 bay for washing and sanitizing.?

Kind regards,
Glenn Oster

GOC GROUP | SQF Consultant & EES/MedBed Operator - 772.646.4115


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